Hello Kitty & Asos Launch An Epic 40-Piece Collection

ASOS, one of the most popular shopping online retailers has launched an epic 40-piece clothing collection in collaboration with Hello Kitty and we love it. The collection is geared towards adults with pieces that are super wearable with a touch of cuteness. 

If you're a 90's baby you'll love this as this collection as it's heavily inspired by this decade. Available items include velvet pajamas, funky hoop earrings and over-the-top sequined sweaters. The collection can be purchased and viewed here at ASOS

My personal faves are the sequined sweaters (they come in two different colors; black and white), the incredible shoes which features one shoe with a bow and another one with Kitty's face. Last but not least is the pair of velvet pajamas (it's the very last item on this page) because it looks super comfy and scrumptious for the cold Holiday season. 

Below are a few standout items from the Hello Kitty ASOS collection we're positively obsessed with. 

Image Source: ASOS

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