Hello Kitty Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy the sound of your favorite tunes with these adorable Hello Kitty bluetooth speakers. You can connect these bluetooth speakers to your tablet, smart phone or ipad and stream your music seamlessly.

Hello Kitty Bluetooth Speaker (37209R-Tru)

The 37209R-TRU is one of the best-selling Hello Kitty Bluetooth speakers available on Amazon. We love the simple design of the speaker which is white and adorned with a pink Hello Kitty. It’s also one of the most affordable Hello Kitty Bluetooth speakers on our list.  Reviewers noted that the sound quality is excellent and very loud despite it’s tiny size. It’s portable and easy to carry from room to room. Buttons include on/off and play & pause. These speakers are ideal for someone who wants a set of speakers at a very affordable price.

Hello Kitty Bluetooth Speakers

Hello Kitty Bluetooth Speaker (2.1 Channel Stereo Sound) with 6w Subwoofer and 2.5w Amplified Output

If you want a premium stereo audio experience you’ll love this super cute Stereo Hello Kitty bluetooth speaker. It offers touch panel control allowing you to adjust the volume by rubbing Kitty’s ear. It comes with a remote control which allows you to change the volume or songs.

One reviewer loved the ability to control the volume by touching the airs. Despite looking like a toy these speakers also handle mids and highs very well according to one reviewer and offers crisp and clear sound. Reviewers noted that it’s not just for kids despite it’s cute appearance it truly delivers excellent sound quality.

Hello Kitty Bluetooth Speaker (2.1 Channel Stereo)

Hello Kitty Oval Bluetooth Speaker

These portable Hello Kitty bluetooth speakers offer excellent sound quality with a gorgeous black and pink design.  We love the sleek design and color scheme.

Hello Kitty Oval Bluetooth Speaker

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