Hello Kitty Car Accessories

Looking to deck out your car with a bit of Hello Kitty bling? We’ve hand selected some of the hottest Hello Kitty car accessories which can be used to decorate your car and give it the “kawaii” touch. You can add just a few touches of Hello Kitty by adding a steering wheel or rearview mirror cover for a subtle look or go all out with Hello Kitty themed seat covers, floor mats and more. Let’s take a look at our favorite Hello Kitty car accessories below.

Chroma Hello Kitty License Plate Frame

Looking for a glam and blinged out Hello Kitty license plate frame for your car? This super adorable frame is accented with studs and “Hello Kitty” in pink writing. This Hello Kitty license plate frame is super cute and would look great on any car.

It comes with pre-drilled bolt slots for easy installation. This is one of our favorite Hello Kitty car accessories because it’s easy to install and gives your car an instant touch of glam.

Chroma Hello Kitty Pink Bow Face & Diamond Stud Chrome Frame

Hello Kitty Car Accessories Interior Kit (8-piece set)

If you’re ready to deck your entire car out with the HK theme this is the set to get. This Hello Kitty Car Accessories kit comes with 2 front and rear rubber floor mats, 2 universal bucket seat covers, a steering wheel cover and air freshner all with a gorgeous design featuring Hello Kitty.  Everything is perfectly color coordinated in black, pink and white. This set will provide a cohesive color scheme and turn your ordinary car into the ultimate Kitty mobile.

Hello Kitty 8-PC Waving Auto Accessories Interior Kit

Hello Kitty Car Seat Covers

If you like the set above but just want the seat covers you can get it below. This set is 100% polyester, is hand washable and protects against spills and stains. It’s easy to install and fits any car, truck or SUV. We love the contrasting black and pink colors. These Hello Kitty seat covers by themselves will completely transfer the look and feel of your car’s interior.

Hello Kitty Car Seat Covers

 Hello Kitty Steering Wheel Cover

Is your standard steering wheel too basic? Glam it up with a touch of girly pink with this adorable Hello Kitty steering wheel cover. It features a cute bow and is easy to remove and clean. A steering wheel cover can also keep your hands cool during the summer.

Hello Kitty Steering Wheel Cover

Hello Kitty Auto Air Freshner

Keep your car smelling fresh with Hello Kitty air freshner. It looks adorable hanging from the rearview mirror. Buyers noted that it smelled really good with the scent lasting for around a month and a half. This super affordable Hell Kitty car accessory is a fast way to make your car smell wonderful.

Hello Kitty Car Air Freshner

Hello Kitty Car Rearview Mirror Cover

Glam out your rearview mirror with this adorable pink mirror cover featuring a butterfly button. The cover is easy to take off and clean.  Buyers who purchased this mirror cover reported that it was super adorable in person.

Hello Kitty Car Accessory Rearview Mirror Cover

Hello Kitty Vinyl Decal Sticker – Shiny Chrome

Accent the exterior of your vehicle with this adorable Hello Kitty decal. The decal is precision die cut and comes with a self adhesive backing.

Hello Kitty Vinyl Decal Sticker

 Hello Kitty Tissue Box

It’s a good idea to keep a box of tissue in your car at all times. Dress up your ordinary box of plain tissues with this super cute Hello Kitty shaped tissue box holder. This adorable Hello Kitty car accessory is  excellent for the home as well.

Hello Kitty Tissue Box

Hello Kitty Metal 3D Emblem Sticker

Make your car stand out with this gorgeous 3d metal Hello Kitty car accessory sticker. Since it’s metal it looks good with any color and we love the fact that it looks expensive and classy. One reviewer reported that the the decal sticker stayed in place despite the rain. We also love the super affordable price.

Hello Kitty Metal 3D Emblem Sticker

Hello Kitty Pink Cigarette Car Ash Tray

This adorable pink Hello Kitty ash tray fits into any car cupholder. It keeps the smell of smoke out of the vehicle and has a LED light which turns on when the case is open. The light makes it easy to find at night. This is an excellent car accessory if your car lacks an ashtray. It can also be used to hold coins or anything else want.

Hello Kitty Pink Cigarette Ash Tray

Hello Kitty Car Seat Belt Cover 

These super adorable pink Hello Kitty seat belt covers feature a pink bow, the HK logo and is pink throughout. We love the fact that it’s washable and super affordable. Adding these custom seat belt covers is a quick way of adding color and charm to your vehicle.

Hello Kitty Car Seat Belt Cover

Browse more Hello Kitty car accessories below.

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