Hello Kitty Chucky Plush Mashup Doll

If you’re a fan of classic 80’s movies you will love this collector’s item; the Hello Kitty Chucky Mashup Doll. Hello Kitty is generally always thought of as sweet and adorable but this doll has some edge to it! It’s a mash up of cuteness vs evil. Kawaii vs frightening.

Hello Kitty Chucky Mashup Doll

If you’re a Hello Kitty collector, this item is a must-have. It’s honestly one of the most unique HK collector items we have seen. With stitches and blood all over her lovely face Kitty looks… well… different… but she still retains her everlasting cuteness. She’s wearing blue overalls and a red bow, a departure from her more tradition cute and kawaii looks. This is a Kitty possessed yet scarily cute…

The Hello Kitty Hello Chucky doll was available for sale at Universal Studios Japan during Halloween 2015 and most likely sold out by now. However, you can still find it at Ebay 

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