Hello Kitty Mobile Phone Coming This Fall [Sneak Peak]

We are so excited to announce that a Hello Kitty mobile phone is expected to go on sale in Japan this fall. This is certainly the cutest and most kawaii phone of all phones.

The flip phone is shaped like Hello Kitty and folds out to reveal a white interior with red buttons. The screen is 1.5 inches and significantly smaller compared to that of an Iphone or Note 4. Unfortunately there are no plans for a camera; looks like it will be a simple phone for making calls and sending texts.



What we like most about the Hello Kitty mobile phone is how it looks when it’s folded up. It features adorable Kitty dressed in blue with a beautiful red bow and looks like a toy or figurine. No one will have an inkling that it’s an actual phone until you flip it open.

The Hello Kitty phone will come with wi-fi and bluetooth capabilities.  Pricing will be approximately around the $12,000 yen mark or $100.


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