Hello Kitty “Sailor Suit And Machine Gun” Collaboration

Hello Kitty will collaborate with the Japanese movie “Sailor and Machine Gun Graduation” starring Izumo Hoshi and Kanna Hashimoto.  The film is about a teenage head of the Medaka-gumi yakuza who keeps getting pulled into the dark underworld despite her efforts to live a normal life.

We can expect special edition merchandise featuring Hello Kitty on posters, pens, stationary etc featuring Izumi Hoshi’s bangs and sailor suit.  The machine gun is pink and has a cork stuck in the barrel.

“Sailor and Machine Gun Graduation” will open in Japanese movie theaters on March 8, 2016 and the special edition items will be available for sale at select theaters.

We can’t wait to see the merchandise; it will be a switch seeing Hell Kitty as a tough yakuza boss wielding a machine gun. We’ll keep you posted once we have more information about the merchandise.

Source :  http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2016/01/26-1/hello-kitty-cosplays-in-collaboration-with-sailor-suit-and-machine-gun-graduation

Image Credit : http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2016-01-26/hello-kitty-arms-herself-in-sailor-suit-and-machine-gun-collaboration/.98006


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