Hello Kitty’s Shabu-Shabu Restaurant Makes It’s Grand Debut In Taiwan

If there’s one place we want to put on our list of “dream foodie vacations” it’s  got to be the Hello Kitty Shabu-Shabu restaurant in Taiwan.

Everything is completely decked out with Hello Kitty cuteness. Yes, even the rice is molded into Hello Kitty’s adorable form.

The entrance is decorated with a Hello Kitty logo on the wall and giant figurine next to the door. Japanese paper laterns placed on the floor give it charming appearance; the ambiance looks inviting and cozy.


The restaurant’s wall is decorated with a beautiful bold work of art featuring her likeness. Her feline image also ador the plates, cup and dishes. As with most Japanese restaurants, cushions are placed on the floor for seating.

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Hot pot is a popular East Asian meal where thinly sliced meats, vegetables and dumplings are placed into a simmering pot and cooked at the table.

As you can see below, the selection at Hello Kitty Shabu-Shaby includes mushrooms, cabbage, corn and other various vegetables.


Once the food is cooked it can be paired with a dipping sauce and rice. Chinese hot pot as been around for over 10,000 years. As you can see, the slices of meat are decorated with Kitty’s cute face.

Hello Kitty hotpot🍲 #hellokitty #hotpot #childhoodfavorite #fridaynight #火鍋

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The giant Hello Kitty figurine outside the restaurant is the perfect place to take photos or a selfie as a  souvenir.

Isit My soul is still at Taipei.

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Finish your meal off with sweet desert of ice cream.

Hello kitty shabu-shabu 🇹🇼

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Watch the video below featuring the food up close personal at Hello Kitty Shabu-Shabu (Video is in Chinese)

View more photos and read reviews of Hello Kitty Shabu-Shabu in Taiwan here https://www.yelp.com/biz/hello-kitty-shabu-shabu-%E5%A4%A7%E5%AE%89%E5%8D%80


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