Ichigoman Hello Kitty Fights Robots In Online Manga Web Comic

Hello Kitty’s transformation into the crime fighting robot, Ichigoman is remarkable to say the least. Ichigoman (Strawberry Man) is Hello Kitty’s badass and heroic crime fighting alter-ego first presented in 2011 at the Hello Kitty Art Exhibition by Yuko Yamaguchi, Sanrio’s illustrator and designer.


The new manga was first published online on March 15 and will be updated on the 15th of every month. You can view the comic online here http://comip.jp/15/ and view the first episode (prologue) here http://comip.jp/15/manga/comics/?title=ichigoman-01


The prologue doesn’t feature dialogue so everyone will be able to follow along even if you don’t speak Japanese.

The story looks promising and we can’t wait for the next update!


Sources : http://comicsalliance.com/online-manga-hello-kitty-fighting-monsters/


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