Hello Kitty Mirror

Looking for a Hello Kitty mirror? Here's a list of our favorite mirrors from Hello Kitty including lighted makeup mirrors, compact mirrors and more.

Hello Kitty Makeup Mirror 

Add a touch of cuteness and style to your vanity or makeup area with this stylish Hello Kitty makeup mirror. The mirror's angle can be adjusted for your convenience. It's also super affordable making this a great buy if you're looking for a cute makeup mirror. 

Hello Kitty Compact Mirror 40th Anniversary Limited Edition

If you're looking for a compact Hello Kitty that's one of a kind and a masterpiece then this is the one you want. It's on the pricey side but the glam and bling is on a different level. The jewels have been placed by hand. The compact offers two sides and comes with a magnification side for precise makeup application. 

Hello Kitty Form Mirror & Comb

Super simple and affordable; this compact is perfect for touch ups on the go. It also comes with a red comb which is conveniently stashed inside the mirror. 

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