The Hello Kitty Loves Fauchon Collection

Fauchon is a world famous French international gourmet company specializing in delicious macarons, chocolates and tea. A must-have when you’re in Paris! The company has teamed up with Sanrio in order to create the LE Hello Kitty Loves Fauchon Paris collection.

The set below comes with a Fauchon Hello Kitty plush doll and tea set. We love the contrast of black and vivid pink on the plush doll. We also love the chic presentation of the collection.


A Hello Kitty Loves Fauchon Lunch Tote Bag -The collection doesn’t appear to be readily for sale in the U.S at any retail location but can be found on Ebay – Buy It Here At Ebay

Hello Kitty Loves Fauchon tote bag

Hello Kitty Stainless Steel Mug Cup & Fauchon teas. The stainless steel mug is a favorite of ours; we love the bold colors and would look forward to drinking coffee out of it every day! Get it here


Hello Kitty x FAUCHON Key Ring Charm which comes with delicious Fauchon hot chocolate treats


A closer look at the key chain detailing. We love the F insignia on Kitty and the Fauchon pink bow purse.

Check The Price On Ebay


An adorable tote with a black bow and Kitty’s eyes and nose; too cute!

Hello Kitty Loves Fauchon Tote

Another gorgeous smaller handbag with a bright pink bow – Buy It Here

Plus a face shaped cotton petit towel


We are absolutely loving this collection. It’s a must have for anyone who is a fan of Hello Kitty & Fauchon. Shop The Full Collection At Ebay Here

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