The Most Expensive Hello Kitty Items You Don’t Really Need But Will Want Anyways…

We just spent a good hour scouring Amazon for the most expensive Hello Kitty items. We wanted to focus on novelty items that you may not have known ever even existed... but apparently they do... such as a Hello Kitty trampoline or Hello Kitty LE Monopoly game. 

Some of these Hello Kitty items are expensive because they are rare Limited Edition collection items while others are made of valuable materials like Swarovsky crystals. We also came across a few items where we couldn't figure out why they were so costly at all. 

Below is a list of the most unique and interesting expensive Hello Kitty items we came up with. Keep in mind that these are NOT the most expensive Hello Kitty items in the world (we know there are Hello Kitty items worth thousands of dollars and made with real diamonds and gold).

Also keep in mind that what is considered "expensive" is relative depending on ones lifestyle and budget. Overall these items are more expensive compared to more affordable to Hello Kitty items. 

Hello Kitty Jumping Trampoline

One of the pricier Hello Kitty items we were able to find was this cute red trampoline but after searching for prices of non Hello Kitty trampolines it turned out that this one was actually on the lower end of the spectrum. Nevertheless it is still one of the pricier and interesting Hello Kitty items we found. Never knew such a thing existed but it looks wonderful and it would make a fun addition to any backyard or playroom. 

Hello Kitty Swarovski Fairy  

This super cute Hello Kitty figure is made out of Swarovski crystal glass. It's definitely on the pricey side and makes a great gift for the kitty lover in your life.  

Sanrio Hello Kitty Kimono Plus Dolls

This is one of the pricier Hello Kitty plush dolls we've found online. It's super cute because she's wearing a kimono. We believe it to be a LE (limited edition item) or rare although we can't say with 100% certainty. 

Hello Kitty Rug From Japan

We love the look of this Hello Kitty rug and it's the first one we've seen available for sale. However there isn't too much info on the sales page; is it wool? plastic? So many questions.....  It's real cute though....

Hello Kitty Wine By Riedel With Swarovski Elements

Now you can finally sip Hello Kitty wine (yes, there is such a thing!) in these decadent and luxurious glasses by Riedel which is an Austrian luxury glass maker. The glasses are decorated with Swarovsky crystals. 

Hello Kitty Monopoly Collectors Edition

Apparently the Hello Kitty edition of Monopoly is mostly sold out or very difficult to find driving up the price. This is a must have if you love board games and are a Kitty fan. 

Hello Kitty Irish Dresden Cherry Blossom Doll

This Hello Kitty doll is made out of porcelain which explains the high price. It's super cute and Kitty is wearing a light pink skirt. 

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